About The Family and The Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory

Is the Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory appropriate for church?

Absolutely. CDPT asserts that true Discovery of oneself is only possible through the release of full control to a Higher Power, namely God. However, it is not Christian counseling. It is pertinent to persons of all faiths and beliefs.

Is the Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory solely spiritual?

No – CDPT is an integrative psychologically based theory. Spirituality is a component of CDPT, however psychology, connection, empathy, and self-awareness are also major factors of the theory.

Where can I see a model group?

You are welcome to visit any open group listed on the Family Group page which indicates the times and locations of all groups. There are groups at different times, locations, and days to ensure everyone who wants to attend a group, has access to a group.

Is there a difference between The Family and Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory?

The Family Group is where persons meet to find connection, empathy, and support as they share their stories and in so doing, begin to heal and discover their true self and purpose. The psychological/spiritual theory behind why The Family Groups are so effective, is the Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory.

What topics are discussed in the group?

All topics related to the heart and issues that may be blocking inner growth. Whether that means working through pain and traumas of the past, or receiving support for current difficult situations. Whatever is on your heart, is acceptable in the group.

Do I have to participate in the group?

No you don’t have to participate – you just need to show up.

How Can I get help?

By calling The Family:People Helping People office or email, or just showing up to one of the groups listed.