Keva Bethel

Director of Research

Keva Bethell is an avid researcher who grew up in Nassau, Bahamas. In 2008, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (with a minor in Biochemistry) from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2012, she earned her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Oklahoma, where she was inducted into the Xi chapter of Delta Omega Society, the public health honorary society. She has always had an affinity for research, but only considered it as a career after earning her BSc. While earning her MPH, she was chosen to serve on the Academic Integrity Council, and worked as a student assistant at the Oklahoma State Department of Health, in the Injury Prevention Services. Her duties included abstracting Medical Examiner reports and entering data related to violent deaths into the National Violent Death Reporting System (a database maintained by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention). After realizing the stark contrast between violent deaths that occurred in Oklahoma and those that occurred in the Bahamas, she successfully carried out a comparative study of homicides and suicides in Oklahoma and the Bahamas. Upon returning home to the Bahamas, she started working along with Dr. David Allen, who at the time, had put together a task force to investigate the suicides that occurred in the country. In two months, Keva collaborated with the Central Detective Unit to abstract all suicide cases that occurred in a 14 year period. In addition to this, she carried out a national survey, concerning suicide, which had never been done before. She compiled a report which was presented to the Minister of Health. Her report is now a published paper in the Global Journal of Human Social Sciences.

For the last two years, she has been the Director of Research for ‘The Family: People Helping People’ project, a community based program offering free group therapy in inner city communities. Her duties entail data collection, writing reports, abstracting praxes and making presentations concerning the program. During her tenor with the program, she has abstracted over 700 reports, analyzing them for pertinent themes presented in various group sessions. Her thematic analysis has been published in the Emergency Medicine Open Access Journal. She is also one of a group of authors who published a paper in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration, concerning a Pilot Study carried out on the Family Project.

She aspires to pursue a Ph.D. in Epidemiology, and would like to one day work for a global entity. Her two favorite past times are reading and exercising. She is a young lady of faith, and enjoys spending time with her family.

Flavia D’Alessandro

Flavia D’Alessandro

Flavia D’Alessandro was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1993 she graduated as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Sao Paulo. She is specialized in Public Health by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sao Paulo. She is trained in Psychoanalysis by the Instituto Sedes Sapientae in Sao Paulo as well as by the GERCPEA (Groupe d’Étude et de Recherche Clinique en Psychanalise de l’enfant et de l’ adulte ) in Luxembourg. She is also trained as a grief counselor at “Omega 90 asbl” in Luxembourg. She is a couple’s therapist by the “Couples Institute” at Menlo Alto, California.

Flavia D’Alessandro has 16 years of experience on private and public practice as a psychotherapist in three different countries.

She worked in Brazil at the Mental health Community Center Butanta in Sao Paulo, with special focus on domestic violence and gender issues. She worked and trained at the Faculty of Psychiatry of the University of Sao `Paulo in a program dedicated to incest victims. Moving to France 1997 and Luxembourg in 1998, she had the opportunity to work at the “Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg” with a variety of issues and specialized in parental guidance. She worked for “ALUPSE” (counseling center for child abuse and neglect), “Fondation Luxemburgeoise contre le Cancer” (counseling for cancer patients), “Omega 90″ (counseling for grief and loss), and “AVR” (association de victim d’accident de la route with trauma and grief counseling.

In Nassau since 2010, she works as a volunteer for the “Bahamas Crisis Centre” and the “The Family-People Helping People”: project created by Dr. David Allen that offers individual and group psychotherapy for free for the Bahamian population. She is a member of the Behavioral Health Institute of the Bahamas. Flavia D’Alessandro is fluent in Portuguese, French and English and has a good understanding of Spanish.

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith is a licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage/Family Counselor Individual, Marriage and Family Therapist, Prepare-Enrich Pre-marital Counselor.

After graduating from Bethany College of Missions with a BA. in Theology and Mission in 1980. Spent 1981-1986 involved in Missions in Amsterdam, Holland, New Delhi, India with YWAM and London, England with the Church of England. When she returned home in 1986 she began her psychotherapy career at the Christian Counselling Centre Nassau and also earned an advanced certificate of Social Work at College of the Bahamas in 1987. She worked for CCC until 1996 as a therapist only leaving to work as a Pastoral Therapist for the next three years.

She graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary with masters in Marriage and family Therapy in 2002, and then went to work at Warren-Yazoo Mental Health Service where she held a number of positions: Outpatient Therapist, Coordinator of Acute Partial Hospitalization, Children’s Day Treatment Specialist, Coordinator of Children Day Treatment and a Co-Community Development Specialist from 2002-2010 . Included in her job description was ensuring quality control of the program and supervising the masters level therapist of ten day treatment groups. Along the way she earned licenses LPC and LMFT. She returned to Nassau in November 2009 and began her first day as Coordinator of Christian Counselling center –Abaco February 2010 up to July
2013. While in Abaco Margaret was both administrator and Psychotherapist. She helped families, couples and individuals.

Margaret has experience in psychotherapy with clients with a variety of issues including: domestic violence, sexual abuse, control issues, depression, grief and anxiety. She particularly loves working with couples and families to decrease discord and enhance familial relationships while maximizing communication skills. Margaret is also trained in the Prepare-Enrich premarital Counselling. At CCC of Abaco she started the Parenting with Purpose program involving many exemplary community persons as facilitators.

Jadetra Ingraham

Jadetra Ingraham

Jadetra Ingraham is a native of Eleuthera, an island in Central Bahamas, who learned an affinity for helping individuals and families succeed from her grandmother at an early age. After completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at St. Mary’s University she continued her education at London Metropolitan University in England where she earned her Masters in Mental Health Psychology with a specialty in children, adolescence and families. After completing her graduate degree she returned to the Bahamas to engage in helping her community.

Over the last seven years she has worked in both inpatient treatment facilities and community agencies, all of which has added to the vocation.She has volunteered with a number of Non Profit organizations that cater to victims of domestic violence, social inadequacy, divorce, anger management etc all in an effort of strengthening families in her community. She has experience in both Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and group psychotherapy and often incorporates coaching elements in her work with families. In the last two years she has taken on trainer role in teaching techniques to other group facilitators in hopes of impacting more people.

In the last two years she has taken on a coordinator role in The Family-People Helping People”: project directed by Dr. David Allen that offers individual and group therapy, based in the CDPT model, for the Bahamian people. She is also a member of the Behavioral Health Institute of the Bahamas,a leading research body in the re-socialization of marginalized people.

As a psychologist her goal is to contribute to the communities success by improving the performance and well being of adolescence and their families. She believes the rewards of such work far outweigh the compensation available in any other industry. Finally, the satisfaction she has derived from her work and volunteer experience has convinced her that she has made the best career choice.

Andre Chappelle

Andre Chappelle

Andre Chappelle is the son of Leonard and Molly Chappelle He was born in May 1964 and grew up in the prestigious community of Lyford Cay. He attended St Andrews School in Nassau, Ridley College in Canada, and Florida Southern College in The United States.

At an early age Andre was introduced to alcohol and during his teens he became very involved with drugs. As his parents became overwhelmed with his self-destructive behavior, they sent him to various treatment facilities both locally and abroad. After many years of continued failure battling drugs, Andre found himself living on the streets of Nassau, where he remained and miraculously survived for the next twenty five years.

On Christmas Day 2009, Andre, much like the prodigal son, came to himself and made a decision with the help of God, to change his life. On January 19th 2010, Andre boarded a plane to Florida where he spent the next 6 months making peace with himself and discovering his purpose in life.

Being a graduate of Teen challenge Florida in 1989, Andre upon his return to Nassau in June 2010, submitted himself to working with the youth at Teen Challenge Bahamas under the mentor ship of Pastor Eric Fox. During the last three years, Andre has undergone intensive training in Anger Management and worked very closely with the world renowned author and psychiatrist Dr. David Allen in group therapy, psycho therapy, and individual counseling for the last two years as one of his protégés.

With over thirty years of hard learned life lessons, Andre has a unique approach in connecting with his clients and identifying the issues which fuel so many of our self destructive behaviors.

Dr. Marie Carroll is a counseling psychologist, individual and group psychotherapist, researcher, trainer, teacher, and curriculum developer. She feels as though she were destined for the world of psychology, having a psychiatrist as a father who instead of asking, “How was your day”, would greet their family with “What’s on your heart?”. She diverted from the field of psychology to pursue her BA in English Literature from The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia – and while she is fully entrenched in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, to this day, she loves delving into the tremendous connection between great literature and the understanding of the human psyche.

In 1996, Dr. Carroll followed her passion and pursued counseling and psychology at Johns Hopkins University where she acquired her Masters in Clinical Community Counseling with an emphasis in child and adolescent psychology. After having been undone by the frustration of seeing kids thrive so well during therapeutic intervention but then deteriorate when returned to their dysfunctional family situation, she decided to do her Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis in Family Psychology to be better equipped to work with the family system versus just the child in need. In 1999, she returned to The Bahamas to get married and was excited to pursue her doctorate through Capella University which she achieved in 2004.

Dr. Carroll is the Director of Training and Curriculum Development for The Family Program. The Family Program is a research driven, evidence based program which provides free group therapy to marginalized communities throughout the Bahamas. A key component of The Family program is the assertion that in order to reach people nationally and internationally, community members need to be trained in the role of Family Group Facilitators. Dr. Carroll developed, and is currently implementing, the Family Group FacilitatorTraining curriculum. Thus far quantitative and qualitative data have demonstrated significant decrease in violence, anger and need for revenge in persons attending The Family groups.

Dr. Carroll’s current research projects include The Family Program and its impact on re-socializing, shame based, fragmented individuals and families; examining how Dr. David Allen’s Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory is healing persons nationally and internationally; the integration of spirituality and therapy; cultural influences on body image dissatisfaction; and the impact of media on individuals and their relationships . Her passion is to continue helping people everywhere. “ As a therapist, teacher, researcher, and trainer in the field of psychology, I strive to use my personal experience and the experiences of others, to help people move from their shame based false self towards the discovery of their true self based in love”.

In 2005 Dr. Carroll was invited to become an adjunct faculty member at The College of The Bahamas in the School of Education as a Professor of Counselor Education. In 2008, she joined the faculty of The College of
The Bahamas as full-time Assistant Professor of Psychology . Although currently still an adjunct professor of psychology at The College of The Bahamas, in 2012 she also accepted the position of School Psychologist at the International IB World School in The Bahamas.

Dr. Carroll is passionate about her family – she is married with 3 children and enjoys being a mom, running, reading, writing and Pinteresting. Her place of serenity is the beach – her “thin space” between Heaven and Earth, and her saving grace is her Faith based relationship with God.