How to Become a Facilitator?


In order to spread the vision of resocialization and emotional healing we need your help. Our world is in chaos. It is painful. Dealing with emotional pain is no longer just for the mental health professional – it is for all of us. If we want to change our world, we have to change ourselves. If it is my problem – I am my solution – we are our solution.

This training is for anyone who has the calling to HELP OTHERS. Our vision is to have community based Family groups everywhere – neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, universities… poor, rich, educated, non- educated, all races, all cultures and everything in between. As long as there are people, we need a Family. We believe in providing people who have the intrinsic desire to help others through listening, connection and empathy, with the tools to facilitate Family Groups everywhere. The Family’s vision is People Helping People or H.O.P.E.: Helping Other People Everywhere. If you are interested in helping others and realize, in doing so, you are helping yourself – then the Family Group Facilitator Training is for you. The full certification for Family Group Facilitator is one academic year broken down into 3 phases. Persons have the option of being able to complete the full year, or do partial certification in 3 month phases. Each phase is a 14 unit course designed to provide psychoeducational training to persons desiring to help facilitate a Family Group. Instruction is taught by a team of experienced therapists and psychologists who bring a wealth of different areas of expertise to the learning process. The curriculum covers a wide range of social and emotional issues not only being experienced by persons seeking psychological help, but which confront us all. Along with examining pertinent psychoemotional topics, participants will also be trained in basic counseling techniques providing them with tools to be a Family Group Facilitator. Instruction will include a variety of teaching methods including didactic lectures, group work and discussion, role play and media.

facilitatorsThe final and most important aspect of The Family Group Facilitator Training is participants’ own personal self-reflection and growth. Facilitators cannot be expected to help others if they are not on the journey of working through their own pain and suffering. It is essential that all participants continue to work through and process their own issues while working towards certification. In order to help facilitate this process, each training session will incorporate a Facilitator Training Family Group. This group is designed to provide a safe place for facilitators in training to share personal struggles, grow, reflect, and connect with others going through the training process. Training sessions will also include time for participants to journal, complete reflection forms and praxis activities.

If interested in participating in the Family Facilitator training, please email:

Join us and begin the journey of helping others and in so doing, helping your self.