Opening the newspaper “The Tribune” on Thursday December 19, 2013 and seeing the full page add “Templeton World Charity Foundation Aid Propels The Family: People Helping People” and seeing my friends Dr. David Allen and Dr. Victoria Allen, I felt I had finally come home.

I have been journeying with Jesus for more than 30 years and always took advantage of anything that would empower and equip me to make a healing difference in the hearts of humankind. I asked the questions ? How can we give what we have not received ? Can Love truly win ? Who will go ? Who are “they” ? I got it that I needed to be the change I wanted to see. However “the worlds wisdom” scoffs and ridicules.

Attending the recent training again I say was like coming home again and again, by “Home” I mean where we are loved unconditionally, encouraged, listened to with respect, disciplined with love (constructively), allowed to share our deepest fears and pain, not judged, dismissed, or insulted. The icing on the cake was the statement in the course overview ” The final and most important aspect of the Counselor Training Certification is the participants’ own personal self reflection and growth” . Finally no more “us and them” it’s WE.

Each session is conducted in a most respectful and professional manner, sessions are on time and facilitators are committed, dependable and reliable. The material challenges and stretches my thinking in some area’s and the use of repetition is very helpful, there were many “aha” moments. Many tears were shed and many hoots of laughter enjoyed.

The principles of therapeutic healing of groups was relatively new to me and is a WOW! Having the honor to assist in facilitating a “new group” these past few weeks has helped me “see” the principles of healing at work in real time.

The beauty of going to the “silence” was presented beautifully in a silent retreat at the end of the training session, which allows us to experience stillness in all it’s beauty. How else can we hear the heartbeat?

~ Anonymous

I feel blessed to be a part of the training. It is therapeutic and facilitative to learn about myself and how to help others. Each week I see the impact of this model of therapy on the lives of persons; it instills hope and show how effective love can be.

One of the most important things I have gained from my training sessions with The Family is a greater self-awareness. This has helped me to look inside myself and see areas that I need to change in my life. Changes relating to my perception of others, e.g. casting blame, not listening to the opinions of others. It has taught me patience when dealing with controversial situations e.g. conflicts, patience with my children and others.

By re-evaluation of these areas, I am able to rationally deal with issues with a clearer, calmer mind set. This helps me to make better decisions when dealing with the actual problem.

This self evaluation has also helped me on my job. E.g. Instead of saying My boss is so impatient, I will try to see the situation and my performance, from his point of view.

Thanks once again to The Family and Dr. Allen for this wonderful, life changing opportunity.

~ Anonymous

Feedback from Training Evaluation:

How did I grow through training?

“making new friends.. I feel really happy that there are so many people who are sharing their lives so that I can become a better person.”

“…why I relate to people in certain ways – and how similar I am to many people, even though our lives and addictions may be different”

“I became connected to my emotional self.”

“I was able to see areas of my life that I did not want to face. I have done so, and I can see how my change has impacted my family positively.”

“I am more patient, understanding, approachable, less judgmental, more caring, and more willing to take a risk in showing my true self.”

“I went in more to my self.”

“It is O.K. to set boundaries”

“Leaps and bounds. I have taken on a new perspective on how I deal with myself and others.”

“I learned to listen.”

Were there any areas of myself that I wasn’t aware of before the training, however I am more aware of due to training?

“I can help by becoming an agent of change..”

“Too many to list – have become a better listener, not judging – trying to understand others.”

“Bereavement grieving – for my mother who died 20 years ago!”

“..That I was holding so much hurt inside of me, and it was doing more harm than good…learning to let go and to shift from anger to love. The decision is all mine, for this I am truly grateful.”

“How abandonment has hurt me.”

“Certainly. I had hurts from 40+ years that came to light.”

“My codependent behavior and my lack of boundaries in dealing with myself and interacting with others. My own controlling nature.”

“…because I was emotionally dead, I did things to hurt myself and family to feel alive.”

What do you feel were the strengths and limitations of the training?

Strengths: support; lectures; groups; interactive; openness; excellent facilitators; sharing & bonding with others; consistent handouts; discussions; safety; case studies; “I now have another family!”

Weaknesses: when persons don’t share in groups; time; so much information in one session; several persons reported no limitations.